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Make peace with your age at last!
This serum performs a youth action thanks to its content in Spirulina and brown seaweed natural extracts, in Criste marine and tree fern, in hyaluronic acid* and in youth peptides and lipopeptides.
It offers a « plumping » effect and gives the skin a younger global looks while smoothing the facial features.
It also brings comfort thanks to the virgin jojoba oil and the vegetal extracts it contains.

*sodium hyaluronate.

Youth Serum

SKU: 18333
30 Milliliters
  • The Spirulina is a spiral-shaped micro- algae found in freshwater, that belongs to the cyanobacteria family.
    In cosmetics, the Spirulina is one of the most efficient substance for slowing down the skin ageing thanks to its anti-oxidative properties which prevents the formation of free radicals.
    Moreover, its high content in gamma-linoleic acids helps bringing suppleness, elasticity and softness to the skin.
    The Spirulina is therefore our best ally to preserve a beautiful skin.
    The Spirulina used in the BC’s Youth care is from France.

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