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About beaulab

Started in 2007, Beaulab specializes in delivering the top and finest skincare products to beauty salons and spas in the region. We provide the newest and most innovative products for the beauty industry to suit the ever revolutionary technology and beauty trends. We have a team of well-trained professionals to serve, educate and develop your business.

We strongly believe in educating our clients and being informed of the latest trends in the beauty market, upgrading of essential skills and information is the core mission of our philosophy.

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Meet Angelina

Founder of Beaulab

Beaulab Journey…


22 years ago, our founder, Angelina, was young as she faced skin concerns such as Acne and Sensitive skin. Since then, she has always wanted good skin. She explores the world of beauty and skincare in search of products and brands to cure her skin. This led her to become a Retail Skincare advisory.


As part of her job as a Retail Skincare advisory, she feels the importance of having good and healthy skin. It was tough being a skincare advisory as she was personally facing skin problems. Thus, she decided to venture deeper into the world of skincare.


For many years, she took opportunities to work with international skincare brands. The experience gave her the exposure to understand skin knowledge and learn to treat her skin conditions. Now, her skin is healthier, and it boosts her passion for the skincare industry.


As her passion grew, she decided to start her own company, Beaulab Pte Ltd. Through this company; she aims to bring in the best products & technology to help every individual with varying skin conditions. She wants everyone to find the right kind of high-quality products to achieve their dream skin.

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