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New Eco-Refill Jars for the

Bamboo Hydralock Cares

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Offer quality cosmetics to all men and women. As gender equality is one of the most globalized issues of our time, we would like to remind that our professional cosmetics are as well intended for you ladies as for you gentlemen. After all, we all have a right to claim a shelf in the bathroom, right?


Inspired by the best of nature, Bernard Cassière give us special face and body treatment products. Each ingredient is selected for its benefits for the skin. The organic aloe-vera for example, known for its moisturizing properties, is a major component of the dehydrated skin product line.


To think outside the box and to surprise you is what we love the most at Bernard Cassière. We were the first to explore different fields, such as the hemp moisturizing treatment, launched in 2001, and the successful edible chocolate care that made us known.


How do we choose our ingredients?

Developed by our R&D laboratory, our formulas are fruit of a long research on ingredients, texture and fragrance. All our treatments are designed respecting the formulation standards on high efficiency, respect and compatibility with the skin and also pleasure.

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