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An intensive care with a light texture that instantly soothes the skin and rebalances it. It contains a nutritive muesli complex [organic oat extract + probiotics] as well as active plant ingredients such as chestnut seed extract and alpha-bisabolol. A synergy of active ingredients to reduce redness, rebalance the skin and soothe irritation.
No more feelings of heat and redness throughout the day, the skin is instantly and permanently soothed and relieved. Perfectly complements the use of cold cream or daily soothing cream.


  • On the surface of the skin, millions of bacteria are naturally present and form what is known as the microbiota. An imbalance in this skin microbiota can cause discomfort such as sensitivities and dry skin and act as a real aggression. Our solution to restore this balance is based on 4 actions: minimise the risks, protect, treat and normalise. The products have therefore been designed with purified formulas and validated by a toxicologist. With an organic oat extract to soothe, probiotics to help restore the balance, and honey from our beehives in Corrèze for its super-protective power, the range offers the ideal "healthy*" recipe to nourish your skin from the outside. The textures developed are very cocooning thanks to the butters and vegetable oils they contain, such as organic shea butter, cottonseed oil and sweet almond oil, to wrap naturally fragile skin in softness.

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