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A complex of bamboo and Aloe-vera extracts delivers vitamins, minerals and amino acids to restore skin suppleness and elasticity. Cactus extract combined with a hyaluronic acid derivative helps to maintain water in the tissues for long lasting skin hydration.
For dehydrated skins.

Bamboo Tears [Ultra-Hydrating Serum]

SKU: 18301
30 Milliliters
  • To boost the effects of your cream when needed, you can use one of the three Bernard Cassière boosters.
    Mix a few drops of these super-serums to increase the power of your cream or you can apply alone on the skin as a traditional serum.

    For all types of skin.


    • To boost the efficacy of your cream.
    • Bamboo tears for hydration
    • Aloe nutritive pearls for nutrition
    • New skin essence for anti-ageing

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