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Quadruple anti-ageing properties:
1 - The cream softens the tissues and recharge mature skins;
2 - Reduces the appearance of deeper wrinkles, imitating the effects of a lipofilling;
3 - The cream helps limiting the age linked glycation of elastic fibers thanks to an algae extract that foils this rigidity evolution and helps to preserve intact and stronger structural tissues;
4 - Helps limiting the appearance of dark spots while improving cell renewal.

Diamond Global Anti-Ageing Cream

SKU: 18270
50 Milliliters
  • For this line of exclusive treatments, Bernard Cassière has put at the service of this development his most experienced formulators, who, like watchmakers and jewelers, have carefully elaborated these formulas, selecting the most precious ingredients, the most efficient and the most advanced technology.
    Developed with care as a jewel, this line has been enriched with diamond powder and white pearl extract* to improve the quality and radiance of your complexion.
    *Except in the Serum

    For mature skin from 50 years old.


    • Reduce wrinkles, fine lines and spots
    • Lift, firm, smooth, repair
    • Moisturize and nourish
    • Densify

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