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Be Sun Protection

For all skin types, with or without pigments, formulated with Polypodium Leucotomos


Daily Photoprotection Line

Its the most wonderful time of the year... (Facebook Cover) (3240 x 2160 px) (Facebook Eve

This sun protection line is formulated with Polypodium Leucotomos extract, an innovative active ingredient derived from a fern native to Central America that boasts incredible benefits for the skin, and that is specially extracted by ATACHE.

Benefits of Active Ingredient
Its the most wonderful time of the year... (Facebook Cover) (3240 x 2160 px) (Facebook Eve

The Polypodium Leucotomos fern is cultivated in the ecological recovery farms in South America of Laboratorios ATACHE. 

Polypodium Leucotomos is a powerful natural active ingredient that’s native to Central America, with incredible antioxidant and photo-protective properties that protect the skin from the effects of UV radiation.

It also boasts anti-inflammatory and immunostimulatory properties. This active ingredient is extracted using an original Asacpharma procedure that preserves the integrity of its components.


Polypodium extracts with a high content of polyphenols show a powerful antiradical, antioxidant, and protective action, which activate the skin's defense mechanisms, slowing down the signs of skin aging and homogenizing skin tone.

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BeSun products offer SPF50+ sun protection, and we offer a range of different types of sun creams so you can choose a photo-protector that will work for your skin type and needs.

BeSun not only protects the skin from solar radiation, but also from atmospheric pollution, another big cause of premature ageing and skin sensitisation.

The fact that it’s waterproof allows you to keep your photo-protection in place both in summer whilst in the water and throughout the year when you run into unforeseen events.

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